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Why Optimism Can be an Entrepreneur's Best Asset

“Entrepreneurship is, in a way, the art of optimism…Even when my business has passed through some pretty tough trials, my optimism meant that I never saw it as a sign that it was time to throw in the towel. Instead, it helped me broaden my horizons. I don’t know that I would have been able to weather the many storms that come with entrepreneurship without it. You have to remain agile, and optimism, for me, has been the key to doing just that”


How I Grew My Business to Multiple Six Figures by Embracing AI (And How I'll Use it in 2024)

“Like many business owners, Lexi Hartmann was originally afraid of AI — before she found these powerful ways it could move her company forward.”


High-Powered Women Share the Most Important Boundaries They’ve Ever Set (So You Can Set Them Too)

When pursuing your dreams, focus and boundaries are essential. By making intentional decisions about how they spend their time and with whom, these 45 women have reaped the benefits of saying no.


26 Women on the Surprising Benefits of Being a Mother and Entrepreneur

Life will inevitably be changed when raising a family and building a business. That said, there are some surprising benefits that may come your way when balancing both.


How Lexi Hartmann
is Navigating Entrepreneurship With Authenticity and Determination

Lexi’s journey to becoming a founder was a combination of daring to take a leap of faith while carrying on her family’s entrepreneurial legacy. Her company was born out of the pandemic and was fueled to success thanks to her passion for the power of content. 


Leading with Heart: Lexi Hartmann of iHartContent On The Power of Authentic Women’s Leadership

By leading authentically, we can democratize the concept of leadership itself. Leadership becomes less about titles or hierarchies and more about influence, impact, and inspiring those around you. And when we embody this truth in big and small ways, we encourage others to step into their own leadership potential, and the impact can reach far beyond the office.


Stories for Entrepreneurship: Lexi Hartmann of iHartContent

Be honest with yourself about what you really want, who you want to serve, and why and how you want to serve them. It’s okay if your answer isn’t what you think it “should” be. Defining your personal mission and vision as a solopreneur is a time for deep self-reflection and sometimes brutal honesty. Once you’ve defined it, be relentless in your commitment to it. When it starts to feel misaligned, give yourself space to reassess and redefine. Alignment truly is everything.