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From DIY to done-for-you, when it comes to content with heart, we’re here for it. 

Services for Small Business

From solopreneurs to multi-million dollar companies, we’ll create and implement a winning content strategy for your business..

Services for Agencies

These days many agencies are struggling to hire and meet the increased demand for services. Our team of been-there-done-that marketing pros are here to help bridge the gap seamlessly.

DIY Support & Resources

Whether through the free resources in our DIY Hub or our exclusive community of die-hard DIYers in our membership program Content Compass, we’re here to support you on your DIY content path. 


Amplifying the Messages the World Needs to Hear

iHartContent is a bilingual, boutique content agency dedicated to empowering creators to own their digital narrative, and tell their story.

With services ranging from ghostwriting to social media management, we create impactful, authentic content that amplifies voices the world needs to hear. 

Our commitment extends beyond traditional roles, focusing on empowering women and girls in the digital world, fostering inclusivity, and driving positive change online.

Your Voice. Our words.

It’s hard to know what to write about, but can you really trust someone else to sound like, well, you? Yes! We write for over 50 thought leaders and brands large and small across industries. We tell your story in your voice, just using our words. 

Whitelabel Content for Agencies

Managing freelance writers, deadlines, and editing is a major headache. Fortunately, it’s kind of our thing. We’ll handle it for you behind-the-scenes. You get the glory (and great content.) 

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Simplifying Content For Solopreneurs, Agencies, & Small Business.

The process of creating content for a business, whether your own or your clients, is practically a full time job. We should know — it’s our full time job. 

We’ll take the burden off your shoulders, planning and managing your entire content calendar from ideation to publication and everything in between, even engaging with your audience on your behalf throughout the month. 

1. Learn

We get to know you and your brand in detail during onboarding.

3. Publish

We’ll prep your entire social and blog calendar for publishing at the most engagement-boosting times for your audience.

2. Draft

You’ll have a chance to review and approve everything we create before it’s published.

4. Rinse & Repeat

Each month you’ll have a chance to provide feedback and fill us in on any upcoming events or happenings we should know about. 


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Meet Our Founder.

Lexi Hartmann is passionately dedicated to transforming the digital narrative.

With an eye for authenticity and a heart for empowerment, Lexi and her team specialize in crafting strategies that elevate purpose-driven creators and businesses to own their online presence and find their voice. 

Lexi’s mission extends beyond business. For her, it’s personal. 

As a mother of two young girls and someone who has struggled with the mental health impacts of social media, she is determined to combat the toxicity that taints the space. She strives to educate and inspire others to curate their digital feeds – and shift their perspectives on their own content – in order to foster a healthier online space. 

For Lexi, a better online world starts with more authentic content, and that has never been more true than in the AI era. 

When she’s not working or spending time with her husband and two young daughters, she can be found dancing to old-school salsa or hanging out with her horse Willow in Covington, Louisiana.


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